Ivanhoe Electric Identifies Visible Soluble Copper Mineralization at Texaco Ridge Step-Out Exploration Drill Hole

March 16, 2023

Ivanhoe Electric Identifies Visible Soluble Copper Mineralization at Texaco Ridge Step-Out Exploration Drill Hole

Drill Hole SCC-122 Intersects Atacamite and Chrysocolla Above Thick Intersection of Primary Mineralization, Indicating Potential to Expand Known Resource

Santa Cruz Infill Drill Hole SCC-058 Intersected 55 Meters Grading 3.10% Copper, Including 37 Meters Grading 4.15% Copper

Initial Assessment Underway to Evaluate Economics of a Potential High-Grade, Low-Impact Underground Copper Mine

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Ivanhoe Electric (NYSE American: IE; TSX: IE) Executive Chairman Robert Friedland and President and Chief Executive Officer Taylor Melvin are pleased to provide an update on drilling operations, including visual confirmation of the presence of soluble copper mineralization at the Typhoon™-identified Texaco Ridge Exploration Area, within the Santa Cruz Copper Project, located west of Casa Grande, Arizona.

Mr. Friedland commented: “We continue to experience positive drilling results at Typhoon™-identified Texaco Ridge. With our exploration drilling precisely focused on areas highlighted by Typhoon™, we are excited about the potential at the Texaco Ridge Exploration Area and the development of the entire Santa Cruz Copper Project in Arizona.”

Mr. Melvin commented: “The identification of soluble copper mineralization at a step-out exploration drill hole at Texaco Ridge, approximately 200 meters from the nearest drill hole, is an encouraging sign for the expansion potential of the Santa Cruz Copper Project. Our Typhoon™ technology led us to the Texaco Ridge Exploration Area, and the recent visual confirmation of additional oxide mineralization at Texaco Ridge is indicative of the upside potential of the area. Additionally, we continue to advance our successful infill drilling program at the Santa Cruz Project in support of the Initial Assessment process.”

Exploration step-out drill hole SCC-122 at the Texaco Ridge Exploration Area intersects visible copper oxide, chalcocite and chalcopyrite mineralization starting at approximately 429 meters depth.

Ivanhoe Electric’s proprietary Typhoon™ 3D Induced Polarization geophysical survey, completed in July 2022, continues to guide drilling activities at the Texaco Ridge Exploration Area. This area was included in Ivanhoe Electric’s September 15, 2022 news release.

Exploration drilling has confirmed the presence of previously unrecognized mineralization starting at a relatively shallow depth of approximately 429 meters downhole. Importantly, hole SCC-122 is located 200 meters west of the closest historic drill hole and over 600 meters from the nearest Ivanhoe Electric drill hole.

Core sample from Texaco Ridge drill hole SCC-122 at 409.50 meters depth showing brecciated Oracle Granite with blue chrysocolla (a leachable mineral that is approximately 30% copper by weight) mineralization along fractures.

This drill hole crossed a zone of soluble copper mineralization, including atacamite (a leachable copper-chloride mineral which is approximately 60% copper by weight) and chrysocolla (a leachable copper oxide mineral which is approximately 34% copper by weight).

Additionally, a wide chalcocite (a leachable copper sulfide mineral which is approximately 80% copper by weight) enrichment blanket was identified from approximately 542 to 587 meters in depth that transitions into a thick (over 264 meters) intercept of primary-style mineralization containing chalcopyrite (a copper sulfide mineral which is approximately 35% copper by weight). Assay results for drill hole SCC-122 are pending.

At Texaco Ridge, the presence of primary hypogene chalcopyrite mineralization, and evidence of the same protracted supergene enrichment processes seen at Santa Cruz, is encouraging for the potential of a greater discovery of high-quality enriched copper mineralization.

Importantly, there are indications of potential soluble oxide mineralization occurring at relatively shallow depths. Exploration drilling will continue in the Texaco Ridge Exploration Area.

360-degree photogrammetry video of drill core from Texaco Ridge step-out drill hole SCC-122 at 702.20 meters depth showing Oracle Granite with brassy chalcopyrite (a copper sulfide mineral that is approximately 35% copper by weight) mineralization along veins and fractures.

Click on the image below for the high-resolution video.

Santa Cruz Deposit infill drilling assay results continue to demonstrate high-grade copper mineralization, exceeding the cut-off grade of 0.70% copper applied in the December 31, 2022 Mineral Resource Estimate.

Infill drill holes at the Santa Cruz Deposit, not included in the December 31, 2022 updated Mineral Resource Estimate, as reported in Ivanhoe Electric’s February 14, 2023 news release, have been intersecting high-grade copper oxide and chalcocite mineralization.

Drill hole SCC-058 intercepted 55 meters grading 3.10% copper, including 37 meters grading 4.15% copper. The intercepted high-grade copper mineralization included strong chalcocite in veins and disseminations. Importantly, the copper mineralization intercepted continues to correlate to the resource model. The table further below highlights additional intercepts received after the December 31, 2022 Mineral Resource Estimate, which also shows continued correlation to the resource model.

360-degree photogrammetry video of drill core from Santa Cruz Deposit infill drill hole SCC-058 at 582.27 meters depth showing Oracle Granite with bright green atacamite (a leachable mineral that is approximately 60% copper by weight) mineralization along veins and fractures.

Click on the image below for the high-resolution video.


Figure 1. Map showing step-out and infill drilling locations not included in the Mineral Resource Estimate as announced on February 14, 2023.

Cross-sectional image showing the visual mineralization observations from drill hole SCC-122 at the Texaco Ridge Exploration Area, the Texaco Deposit Mineral Resource and the Typhoon chargeability anomaly.

Highlighted drill hole intercepts from the Santa Cruz Project Area, not included in the December 31, 2022 Mineral Resource Estimate. (Refer to the Santa Cruz Drill Results page  on Ivanhoe Electric’s website for complete details of all reported drill holes.)

*Total Soluble Copper is the calculated summation of all soluble copper derived from the sequential copper analysis suite.
*Reported intervals at the Santa Cruz Deposit are calculated at a cut-off grade of 0.70% total copper, Texaco Deposit is reported at a cut-off grade of 0.80% total copper and East Ridge Deposit is reported at a cut-off grade of 0.90% total copper.
*Results are core intervals and may not be true widths but are believed to be representative of actual drill thicknesses.
*Hole SCC-048 was partially released prior to the 2022 Mineral Resource Estimate using previous cut-off grades. Intercepts have been recalculated using current cut-off grades.
*All reported holes are from the Santa Cruz Deposit, with the exception of SCC-109 which is in the East Ridge Deposit Area.
*Some rounding errors may occur.

Initial Assessment Underway for the Santa Cruz Copper Project

The Initial Assessment will be based on the December 31, 2022 Mineral Resource Estimate, as announced on February 14, 2023, with data derived from 147 drill holes.

Ivanhoe Electric’s technical team is currently refining various trade-off studies that include: underground mine access, primary development alternatives, mine methods, stope sizing, mobile equipment selection, dewatering options, tailings and waste options, process throughput, processing type and ore handling options. Collectively, these trade-off studies will be used as the basis for the Initial Assessment. The Initial Assessment will also include assessments of assumed technical, economic and operational factors to determine reasonable prospects for economic extraction of copper mineralization.

Emalyn Glastetter (left) and Samantha Pascarelli (right), Geologists, logging drill core at the Santa Cruz Copper Project.

Matt Magann, Geologist, creating a 3D model of drill core using photogrammetry techniques at Santa Cruz Copper Project.

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Ivanhoe Electric has had prepared an independent technical report summary for the Santa Cruz Project prepared under SEC Regulation S-K, Subpart 1300 and an independent technical report prepared under Canadian National Instrument 43-101. The reports are available on the company’s website, on EDGAR and on the company’s SEDAR profile:

  • “Mineral Resource Estimate Update and S-K 1300 Technical Report Summary for the Santa Cruz, Texaco, and East Ridge Deposits, Arizona, USA,” authored by Nordmin Engineering Ltd. (“Nordmin”) and Met Engineering LLC (“Met Engineering”). Current to December 31, 2022, and dated February 14, 2023.
  • “Mineral Resource Estimate Update and NI 43-101 Technical Report for The Santa Cruz, Texaco, and East Ridge Deposits, Arizona, USA,” prepared by Nordmin and Met Engineering with an effective date of December 31, 2022, and an issue date of March 14, 2023.

The technical report summary and technical report include relevant information regarding the assumptions, parameters and methods of the mineral resource estimates on the Santa Cruz Project, as well as information regarding data verification, exploration procedures and other matters relevant to the scientific and technical disclosure contained in this news release.

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