Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with all stakeholder groups is a high priority for Ivanhoe Electric. Wherever we operate, we value the input and cooperation of both national and local government representatives. We place a high value on obtaining and maintaining the trust of the communities surrounding our projects, through:

  • Open and transparent engagement from the outset of our projects during the earliest exploration phases.
  • Ongoing engagement about risks and opportunities that might result from Ivanhoe Electric’s activities in local areas.
  • Providing opportunities to local communities to participate in social development initiatives, co-created by local stakeholders and Ivanhoe Electric.
  • Focusing our recruitment activities, where feasible/possible, on residents of the communities in the vicinity of our projects.
  • Endeavoring to procure goods and services from businesses situated in our community footprint area.

Our long-term goal is to proactively engage with our communities in order to provide sustainable, long-term mutual benefits for the company, our shareholders and the communities in which we operate.