VRB Energy

Ivanhoe Electric also holds a controlling interest in VRB Energy, a developer of advanced grid-scale energy storage systems utilizing vanadium redox batteries for integration with renewable power sources.

Why VRB Energy?

  • Highly effective technology at low cost for large-scale utility energy storage projects around the globe.
  • Enables integration with renewable power sources at our electric metal projects.
  • Over 500 megawatt hours installed or in development, and over 1 million hours of testing and operation.
  • VRB’s proprietary electrolyte contains no heavy metals and is non toxic, non flammable and 100% reusable
  • Production facilities easily scalable at low cost.
  • Vertically integrated with waste processing for vanadium production to drive down costs.

Vanadium flow batteries are fundamentally superior to lithium-ion batteries for grid-scale storage of renewable energy

VRB Energy products have a proven life of at least 20 years without degradation in the battery. Annual maintenance is low, and the vanadium electrolyte, which is 40-60% of battery cost, retains its value at end-of life.

Vanadium redox flow batteries can be discharged over an almost unlimited number of charge and discharge cycles without wearing out. This is an important factor when matching the daily demands of utility-scale renewable energy generation.

Lithium-based batteries have inherently shorter lifetimes and are not well suited for longer duration storage (+4 hours). Vanadium redox flow batteries outperform lithium on depth-of-discharge, cycle life, and end of life value.

For more information, visit VRB Energy’s website at www.vrbenergy.com